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Line 6 Spider Jam Review

The Line 6 Spider Jam amplifier was my first decent guitar amp. My parents bought it as a birthday present for me when I was starting to take my guitar playing seriously.

In this review I will cover all of this amp’s components and share my experiences and love for the Spider Jam. This amp has really been a perfect fit for my guitar practicing/playing and this is why I haven’t needed to “upgrade” to another model.

Line 6 Spider Jam Review:

Let’s take a look at the specs…

Technical Details:

Power – 75-Watt Mono.

Speakers – 12″ Speaker and 2″ tweeter.

Amp Tones – Clean, Twang, Blues, Crunch, Metal, Insane.

Effects Dials

  • Dial 1) Phaser, Chorus Flanger, Tremolo.

  • Dial 2) Delay, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo.

  • Dial 3) Own dedicated Reverb.

All 3 dials can be used simultaneously. You can plug in Aux effects and it has a 3-band equaliser – Bass, Middle, Treble.

Presets – 200 artist-created presets, 150 song-based presets, plus 36 user programmable.

Inputs – CD/MP3 mini jack port, XLR In with trim, 1/4″ Aux In.

Outputs – Headphone/Direct out, RCA outs.

Tuner – Integrated chromatic tuner (activated via holding the tuner button on the front).

Dimensions – W:21″ H:17.5″ D:10″

Additional Features – 100+ Endless Jam Tracks and Drum Grooves, and the ability to record up to 24-minute of integrated layered recordings.

The Amp:

The Line 6 Spider Jam is a very versatile amplifier loaded with 12 amp emulations, including ‘red’ (more aggressive) and ‘green’ (passive) preset versions of each model, which are selected by adjusting the first dial on the left.

When you choose your amp model, the dial settings – drive, EQ and channel volume – are displayed on the top screen.

Personalise Your Sound:

If you want to adjust the preset sound, you can transform it by using the Drive and the EQ dials.

To go even further you can use the three effects dials. I like that these effects can be subtle through to extreme depending on your taste. A tap tempo button is used to set the speed of the delays, this same button can be used for a guitar tuner if held down!

In addition to the extreme range of sounds the amp can produce, you have a bank of 200 artist-created sounds. On top of these, there are also 150 handy song-based settings so you can practise your favourite guitar solos!

Creating Your Own Band Using Just The Amp:

If you want something to play along with you can choose from the selection of 100 backing tracks, a range of drum loops, or you can create your own with the layered recording feature.

Both the backing tracks and drum loops are nicely organised into musical styles e.g. blues, jazz or rock, and the tempo of the loops can be adjusted by using the tap tempo button. When you select a backing track, it automatically gives you a guitar tone designed for that style which you can further adjust if you want.

In the top left input section there are 2 standard guitar 1/4″ jack inputs (so you can play/record 2 guitars at once) and a mic input which can be adjusted with its own separate EQ, reverb and delay. It also has an AUX mini jack input so you can connect your Phone or iPod to the amp and play along. These 3 inputs can be used when recording simultaneously or separately!

When using the layered recording feature, your first recording sets the loop length. Once you have recorded this first track you can then build up layers with extra guitars, or any other electric instruments. A stereo RCA phono output, located on the back of the amp, can be used to record to an external device or audio interface.

On The Road:

If you are like me and play live events, as well as recording in studios, the Line 6 Spider Jam is suited perfectly for the job! With a good 75 watts output it is powerful enough to be used in most situations, ranging from practising at home all the way to a medium sized gig/festival.

You can expand this amp by plugging in a foot controller or expression pedal (any of the Line 6 FBV range) located next to the master volume dial. This gives you the flexibility of either using the preset sounds or save your own presets and switch between them effortlessly whilst on stage.

If you don’t have a PA system, you can use the mic input to add vocals to the mix. This means traveling between venues is a piece of cake as you need only your guitar, mic, cables and THIS amp! It’s also a great size for travelling as it isn’t too big!

Not only do you have a vast range of sounds at your disposal on the Spider Jam, you have an entire band with you as well! Plug in your backing tracks from your iPod, select your custom made pre recorded tracks from the control panel, plug in your microphone, your guitar, or add in the pedal control board and you are good to go with minimal effort!

Overall Impression:

This amp is perfect for anyone who wants a piece of equipment that is reliable, versatile and easy to travel with. It produces a clear, crisp, sound when in a studio and also packs a punch when used in a live event.

As well as being a guitar amp, the Line 6 Spider Jam’s features of drum loops, guitar tuner, recording abilities and range of sounds, mean that I believe it’s the perfect amp for any style or scenario.


Session Guitarist | Composer | Studio Engineer

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